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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Obstetric Fistula Info

Here are two articles from the Kaiser Foundation's daily reports that I thought provided an interesting juxtaposition.

The first is  Globe and Mail Examines Problem of Obstetric Fistulas, which states that "Obstetric fistulas can be prevented with caesarean-section deliveries, but fewer than half of African women give birth in medical settings or under trained supervision."

OK.  So, let's increase access to C-sections?

Well: Number of C-Sections in Developing Countries Increasing, Linked To Higher Risk of Death, Health Complications, Study Says. So I guess that is not the answer.  I mean, I would not promote C-section deliveries, but unless medically necessary anyway, which of course in the situation of potential obstetric fistula, it is definitely necessary.
And the caveat to this shouldbe that the study was not conducted in Africa, which is where obstetric fistulas are probably the most common.  Countries covered included Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru.

For more info on fistulas, visit the Campaign to End Fistula* site and check out my previous discussion of the issue here and here; in the second link, apparently I said in the comments, "Holy crap, increasing C-section is NOT a solution to fistula prevention."  There you go, folks.

*Hey, Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Namibia have Angelina Jolie; the Campaign has Natalie Imbruglia.


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